Since the inception of the national lockdown in March, life on a personal and business level has been turned upside down. As such, it has been a hugely concerning time, characterised by fear for our health, and that of our families, friends, colleagues, employees, suppliers and clients. We are furthermore inundated by equally worrying financial news, with markets and businesses severely affected – even as companies and individuals scramble to get back to business and regain lost ground, as lockdown restrictions gradually ease.

Communicate to combat uncertainty

As businesses, during times like this,  the only way in which we can reach out to reassure our stakeholders – staff, suppliers and clients – is through consistent and impactful communications. As your communications and PR partner, we are there for you, standing by you at this time and ready to assist and facilitate your voice and your message being heard by the right target audience.

Crisis communications for 3 decades

At KHC, we’ve assisted companies with a broad range of crisis communications – from fires in manufacturing facilities to fatalities – and the 2013 Ebola outbreak in Africa. We’re here to help you tell your key stakeholders about the measures your company has taken during the Covid crisis so far. Also, to communicate about how you are managing a safe and responsible return to business operations as the country emerges from the lockdown. Doing so will ensure your operations – and your target market’s perception thereof – remain as seamless and solid as possible.

Go direct

Short, direct mailers are amazingly effective for conveying crucial communications to your key stakeholders. KHC can create these at short notice, as well as the full editorial spectrum of press releases, trends analysis, opinion leadership, client and project news…

So, whether you are still working remotely, or have begun a phased return to your manufacturing facility, workshop or office, we are there for you:  on the phone, email, Whatsapp or MS Teams – and always!


We deliver contemporary, impactful and measurable PR across a broad range of industries, from steel fabrication to energy, engineering and Information Technology.

Kendal Hunt Communications is a South African-based PR and media consulting agency specialising in the industrial and engineering industries, amongst others. “Our aim is to provide clients in these industries with strategic media PR services, which have a significant and measurable impact on their businesses. Our PR campaigns cover a broad media spectrum and a variety of delivery platforms, from print, broadcasting and online to social networking media,” says Kendal Hunt, owner and Managing Director, who is also responsible for overall account direction and editorial quality control.

Kendal is ably supported by an experienced team of account managers, PR administrators as well as seasoned specialist industrial and technical writers. The team at Kendal Hunt Communications has over 70 years’ combined experience covering PR, media liaison, marketing, communications, advertising, journalism, writing, editing and media analysis.

”We pride ourselves on our personal and proactive approach in meeting your communication needs, which includes PR account management, editorial generation and media relationship building. If your company wishes to increase market visibility, raise brand awareness, influence key stakeholders and target audiences, and manage its reputation through effective media communication, we can provide you with the required expertise to achieve your strategic communication objectives,” Kendal advises.


In these financially pressured times, we are aware that clients are looking for robust, value-added services which will yield significant results and return-on-invest (ROI) at all times. In PR and media liaison terms, this means that we must consistently monitor and measure the results we deliver for our clients. This measurement arises from the regular analysis of the penetration and attendant Rand value of the media coverage obtained, to the less tangible yet immensely valuable media relationship-building, reputation and profile creation for which we are responsible.

All client PR campaigns include a end-of-term PR review, in which the above analyses routinely yield between 80 to 100 percent successful publication of editorial we produce, as well as 3 to 5 times financial ROI, in relation to the initial campaign costing. Please contact Kendal Hunt Communications to discuss your needs and to arrange for us to present a PR and Media Liaison proposal to which reflects a service level that will best meet your requirements.

Press and Media Relations

Press and Media Relations

We compile a broad range of press releases and other editorial, liaise media interviews, facilitate client networking and relationship-building with relevant target media, liaise media events and international media tours and launches.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

This includes company positioning, corporate brochures, website text, internal communication, brand building and crisis communication management.

Media Event Management

Media Event Management

Kendal Hunt Communications manages and liaises interviews with key target publications at events and exhibitions in order to highlight clients’ media profiles and thereby maximise coverage in the media.

Executive Client Support

Executive Client Support

We assist our clients with speech writing, presentations, executive media and interview skills training and mentoring. We are also experienced in lobbying and high level interest group liaison.

Government and Public Affairs

Government and Public Affairs

We are able to advise our clients in any area of government relations and public affairs. Our media campaigns combine media relations, events, networking, public speaking and lobbying, which will help you to communicate your company’s message through the right channels.

Client News Articles

Celebrating small beginnings for big future talent: Rand-Air’s commitment to rural pre-school learners

The Rand-Air CSR (Corporate Social Investment) team is involved with the upliftment of Ga-Mashupe Village, Marota Segolo in Limpopo Province. In recent years this has included supporting the community itself, as well as their local nursery school. The CSR team consists of Mpho Ngamlane, IPR (Industrial Plant Rental) Account and Communication Manager; Chantal Bekker, External Sales Representative, and Vincent Mgabi, National Service Analyst.

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‘Smooth operators’: Dekra Institute of Learning and Willco’s machine operator and safety training partnership a synergistic success

As part of a rapid growth strategy in providing a comprehensive training services offering, and with the vision of becoming among the top five industry training providers in South Africa, the Dekra Institute of Learning (IOL) and Willco Safety and Training (Willco) have entered into a distinctive partnership to broaden their industry training service offering.

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Nitralife supplies Nannochem with nitrogen generator to assist in the fight against COVID-19 and other pathogens

Nitralife, a local pioneer in the manufacture and supply of nitrogen generation equipment since 1996, has recently supplied leading nano-active, antimicrobial sanitisers and mister manufacturer Nannochem, with a Nitralife nitrogen generator. This will assist Nannochem with the production of its flagship products, which are created for use in the current ongoing fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, as well as against other potentially deadly pathogens. 

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Dekra Industrial’s ‘one-stop’ service further elevated with the addition of lifting inspections division

As a fully registered Lifting Machine Entity (LME), Dekra Industrial SA is able to provide registered Lifting Machine Inspectors (LMIs) in various approved categories, to conduct comprehensive inspection and load testing services of lifting and rigging equipment. This includes overhead cranes, truck-mounted (TM) cranes, lifting tackle, mobile elevating work platforms (or ‘cherry pickers’ as they are commonly referred to), with offshore cranes shortly to be added.

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We specialise and have many years of experience in providing PR and media liaison services to a broad range of industrial, engineering and technology sectors, including:


Gas Steel Mining Oil and Gas Petrochemical Industrial hand railing, grating and flooring Marine Industrial instrumentation Chemical General Engineering Cutting technology General Manufacturing Construction Healthcare Water treatment Energy Transportation Warehousing, shipping and logistics Compressed air and power supply and rental


Specialist recruitment and HR Mobile telecommunications Information Technology and software Security Printing and postal technologies Eco-tourism and conservation

Comment from Kendal


While the famous poet TS Eliot wrote about the ‘still point in a turning world,’ we now know that a pandemic such as Covid-19 wreaks havoc with any form of ‘stillness’ – metaphorical or otherwise! On the contrary, it says ‘to hell with certainty, predictability or normality! Consequently, life has suddenly become an ever-changing battle fought against an unseen – but nonetheless insidious  – covert enemy on shifting economic and social sands.

The resulting lockdown measures, while initially laudable and prudent, have dragged on – dragging an already struggling economy down to new and very unpleasant lows along with it.

However, as a long-standing PR person and irrepressible optimist, while acknowledging these harsh realities, I do not advocate dwelling on them. Having faced up to the ‘new normal’, it is up to each and every one of us to ‘dig deep. We need to get over ourselves and our understandable sense of shock at how swiftly Covid has forever altered the status  quo – and start proactively using the tools available to rebuild our lives – and our businesses.

If your clients, staff and suppliers are your lifeboats in this stormy new sea, then I strongly postulate that consistent, strategic communications with those 3 key stakeholder groupings are the lifeline connecting you to them, and by definition also to one another.

Much has undoubtedly changed – but some things have thankfully remained the same. Human beings have been story-tellers since the earliest times; and that innate desire to ‘tell stories’ – and thereby create personalities, reputations and even legends –  can all be summed up as the need and desire to communicate.

Therefore, no matter how bad the economy currently is, I challenge companies to resist the urge to indulge in ‘knee-jerk’ reactions, cutting all perceived non-essential services.

Stop! Think! Consistent communication of your brand, strategy, key messages and value proposition to key target markets is essential! Don’t be tempted to convince yourself that the Sound of Silence is your clients’ favourite song!


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