Celebrating 20 years of communicating your business

 In this day and age, it’s an enormous privilege to have had the opportunity to start my own PR agency. It’s an even greater one to see it grow and develop into its 20th year!

Time flies

It seems almost surreal that 20 years have passed since I started Kendal Hunt Communications – ‘KHC’ – in March 2002 with one anchor client, a second-hand computer and a genuine desire to use my skills and experience as a writer and PR to help companies to communicate better!

Two decades of intensely hard work followed, as we ‘lived’ our company tagline and motto of ‘it’s our business to communicate yours’: early mornings, late nights – all night if required! Local and international media tours and events, and many hundreds of ‘woman-hours’ spent interviewing clients, media networking and liaison, writing, editing, training our KHC team.

Crisis management, mergers and acquisitions PR, websites, social media content and much more besides!

Throughout these incredibly busy, dynamic years, we have firmly established ourselves and our reputation as a sought-after boutique engineer and industrial PR agency, known and trusted by our clients to provide them with high-quality communications strategy, editorial content and media liaison.


  • Sole PR agency representing General Electric (GE) on the African continent and holding the account for 8 years.
  • Representing 3 NYSE-listed global market leaders – GE, Air Products and Pitney Bowes
  • Thought leadership and media interviews liaised for global and local leaders
  • Representing well-established local clients, many of which – like First Cut, Bolt and Engineering and Dekra Industrial have proud industry track records of 3 – 6 decades and more
  • Extensive pan-African experience (Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia and Angola)
  • Extensive vertical sector communications expertise (engineering, steel, energy, non-destructive testing, food and beverage, oil and gas, fabrication, manufacturing, health care and many more)

Decades of change

The past 20 years have also seen PR move from a slower, print-based industry to one which is fast-paced, digital by nature and very much at the dictates not only of social media, but also a radically new way of working and communicating since the pandemic.

To survive – and thrive – we’ve have had to ‘pivot’ at warp speed in the past 2 years, adapting in a chameleon-like manner to rapidly changing circumstances, so we can remain relevant and able to guide and champion our clients as they face similar challenges.

Thank you for the ‘music’

In the immortal words of 20th century super-group ABBA: thank you – clients, suppliers, media partners and KHC team members – past and present – for the ‘music’!

In KHC’s case, the ‘music’ being the opportunities, all your support, your hard work, and your faith in KHC’s ability to excellently and consistently communicate key messaging and profile our clients effectively.

Onwards and upwards for KHC and all those within our circle of influence, as together (to quote Henry David Thoreau) we ‘go confidently in the direction of our dreams to live the life we have imagined’.

All the best,



We deliver contemporary, impactful and measurable PR across a broad range of industries, from steel fabrication to energy, engineering and Information Technology.

Kendal Hunt Communications is a South African-based PR and media consulting agency specialising in the industrial and engineering industries, amongst others. “Our aim is to provide clients in these industries with strategic media PR services, which have a significant and measurable impact on their businesses. Our PR campaigns cover a broad media spectrum and a variety of delivery platforms, from print, broadcasting and online to social networking media,” says Kendal Hunt, owner and Managing Director, who is also responsible for overall account direction and editorial quality control.

Kendal is ably supported by an experienced team of account managers, PR administrators as well as seasoned specialist industrial and technical writers. The team at Kendal Hunt Communications has over 70 years’ combined experience covering PR, media liaison, marketing, communications, advertising, journalism, writing, editing and media analysis.

”We pride ourselves on our personal and proactive approach in meeting your communication needs, which includes PR account management, editorial generation and media relationship building. If your company wishes to increase market visibility, raise brand awareness, influence key stakeholders and target audiences, and manage its reputation through effective media communication, we can provide you with the required expertise to achieve your strategic communication objectives,” Kendal advises.


In these financially pressured times, we are aware that clients are looking for robust, value-added services which will yield significant results and return-on-invest (ROI) at all times. In PR and media liaison terms, this means that we must consistently monitor and measure the results we deliver for our clients. This measurement arises from the regular analysis of the penetration and attendant Rand value of the media coverage obtained, to the less tangible yet immensely valuable media relationship-building, reputation and profile creation for which we are responsible.

All client PR campaigns include a end-of-term PR review, in which the above analyses routinely yield between 80 to 100 percent successful publication of editorial we produce, as well as 3 to 5 times financial ROI, in relation to the initial campaign costing. Please contact Kendal Hunt Communications to discuss your needs and to arrange for us to present a PR and Media Liaison proposal to which reflects a service level that will best meet your requirements.

Press and Media Relations

Press and Media Relations

We compile a broad range of press releases and other editorial, liaise media interviews, facilitate client networking and relationship-building with relevant target media, liaise media events and international media tours and launches.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

This includes company positioning, corporate brochures, website text, internal communication, brand building and crisis communication management.

Media Event Management

Media Event Management

Kendal Hunt Communications manages and liaises interviews with key target publications at events and exhibitions in order to highlight clients’ media profiles and thereby maximise coverage in the media.

Executive Client Support

Executive Client Support

We assist our clients with speech writing, presentations, executive media and interview skills training and mentoring. We are also experienced in lobbying and high level interest group liaison.

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Client News Articles


Key stakeholders in the compressed gas industry recently held a safety conference in Johannesburg under the slogan, ‘Safety Unites’. It called for improved safety and training, and a revolutionary leak-prevention oxyfuel system was launched. Andre Schmidlin reports.

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Compressed gas safety conference calls for improved safety and training, launches revolutionary leak-proof oxyfuel system

The joint Safety Unites: Compressed Gas Safety Conference held today in Johannesburg, represented a collaboration by the Bolt and Engineering Distributors (B.E.D.) Group, First Cut, Gas Safety International (GSI) and Germany’s Messer Cutting Systems: a powerful partnership between industry peers, uniting stakeholders across the compressed gas value chain, for the ultimate safety and benefit of all.

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New hygiene and environmental solutions survey offering from Dekra Institute of Learning allows employers to ‘keep it clean’

A dynamic new partnership with LenExcCo now allows the Dekra Institute of Learning (IOL) to offer occupational health-related hygiene and environmental surveys to clients across all industries, including processing and manufacturing. The importance of these surveys is underscored by the fact that employers are actually required by law to conduct these, in order to protect the well-being of employees

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We specialise and have many years of experience in providing PR and media liaison services to a broad range of industrial, engineering and technology sectors, including:


Gas Steel Mining Oil and Gas Petrochemical Industrial hand railing, grating and flooring Marine Industrial instrumentation Chemical General Engineering Cutting technology General Manufacturing Construction Healthcare Water treatment Energy Transportation Warehousing, shipping and logistics Compressed air and power supply and rental


Specialist recruitment and HR Mobile telecommunications Information Technology and software Security Printing and postal technologies Eco-tourism and conservation

Comment from Kendal


While the famous poet TS Eliot wrote about the ‘still point in a turning world,’ we now know that a pandemic such as Covid-19 wreaks havoc with any form of ‘stillness’ – metaphorical or otherwise! On the contrary, it says ‘to hell with certainty, predictability or normality! Consequently, life has suddenly become an ever-changing battle fought against an unseen – but nonetheless insidious  – covert enemy on shifting economic and social sands.

The resulting lockdown measures, while initially laudable and prudent, have dragged on – dragging an already struggling economy down to new and very unpleasant lows along with it.

However, as a long-standing PR person and irrepressible optimist, while acknowledging these harsh realities, I do not advocate dwelling on them. Having faced up to the ‘new normal’, it is up to each and every one of us to ‘dig deep. We need to get over ourselves and our understandable sense of shock at how swiftly Covid has forever altered the status  quo – and start proactively using the tools available to rebuild our lives – and our businesses.

If your clients, staff and suppliers are your lifeboats in this stormy new sea, then I strongly postulate that consistent, strategic communications with those 3 key stakeholder groupings are the lifeline connecting you to them, and by definition also to one another.

Much has undoubtedly changed – but some things have thankfully remained the same. Human beings have been story-tellers since the earliest times; and that innate desire to ‘tell stories’ – and thereby create personalities, reputations and even legends –  can all be summed up as the need and desire to communicate.

Therefore, no matter how bad the economy currently is, I challenge companies to resist the urge to indulge in ‘knee-jerk’ reactions, cutting all perceived non-essential services.

Stop! Think! Consistent communication of your brand, strategy, key messages and value proposition to key target markets is essential! Don’t be tempted to convince yourself that the Sound of Silence is your clients’ favourite song!


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