Archive: October 9, 2019

The tall ‘POPIA’ syndrome: stand out from the crowd by preparing your financial document management system for POPIA now!

The Protection of Public Information Act (POPIA) is not yet in effect, but the final POPIA regulations were signed into law in November 2018, with all indications that the Act will shortly become effective. Although there is a 12 month grace period for compliance once the POPIA officially comes into play, companies should start preparing their data processes now to avoid the risk of non-compliance…

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BLM Group: turning your tube-bending and end-forming into a production pipeline

Conventional production-line steel processing dictates that one part is made at a time. Parts are processed sequentially and eventually become part of a larger whole. However, it has been shown that this system, being sequential, is inherently inefficient as, among other things, the production line has to cater for intermediate storage and retrieval of semi-finished goods…

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