Archive: July 28, 2020

Namdock’s stacking and preservation of the Valaris 109 rig: an active economic boost to the local economy, even while dormant

Strategically located on the west coast of Africa in Walvis Bay, Namibia, Namdock is a leader in the West African ship repair market and offshore oil and gas sector, which has gained global recognition for its extensive dry dock capacities and exceptional client service – even in the face of a global pandemic, which has seen numerous oil rigs being decommissioned and a sharp decline in repair and maintenance activities accordingly.

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Rand-Air is ‘pumping’ in the agricultural sector!

As the established leader in the local portable air compressor and generator rental market, Rand-Air maintains an excellent reputation, based on its ethos of exceeding customers’ expectations and through the regular training and development of its people.

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Staying strong in the face of Covid-19: Namdock’s message of support to the local community

The local authority areas of Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Arandis, in accordance with the Namibian presidential announcement on Monday 06 July, will remain at stage 3 of the national lockdown. This is due to an unfortunate surge in the number of Covid-19 infections recently, which have increased nationally to 593 to date – with 81 percent of the most recent cases originating in the Erongo region.

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