Bolt and Engineering Distributors: championing the pivotal role of fasteners in industry

Industries often re-evaluate and improve upon process efficiencies through the procurement of new products and technologies, which is most efficiently applied when supported by complementary knowledge. 

As such, Bolt and Engineering Distributors Group (B.E.D.) stands fast in the conviction that product supply, complemented with the associated, extensive knowledge, is a powerful element that is required to create the perfect ‘fit’.

“Since the B.E.D. Group’s establishment in 1983, we offer customers across a wide variety of industry sectors – including agriculture, mining, materials handling, working at height and welding full support – a vast pool of knowledge and experience in the supply of fasteners,  built up over 38  years in servicing the market,” says Group CEO Mike Giltrow.

Great knowledge and service

“Aligned with B.E.D.’s strong guiding principle of ‘it’s our business to know your business’, we not only invest our time, but proactively share our experience and knowledge through relevant and informative product demonstrations, on-site training, and technical consultations by our local and international suppliers,” he advises. 

“This all adds up to the provision of great knowledge and excellent customer service, resulting in a positive experience and in the longer term, in steadfast customer loyalty to B.E.D., our fasteners and other product ranges.

We are able to achieve this through sharing our thorough and in-depth knowledge of our products, matching them with the required application for cost-effective and safe use – resulting in the best performance for our customers at all times,” he enthuses. 

‘Bolted’ to customer engagement

Speaking to B.E.D.’s aim to proactively engage and educate customers about the important role that fasteners play across industry, Giltrow implores the market to understand that while bolts and nuts may often be perceived to only form part of the basics in a project, they are invaluable and should therefore receive serious attention.

“This prudent attention is essential to avoid a potential lack of stock availability based on manufacturing material supply shortages and delays in delivery,” Giltrow advises.

“Customers should therefore attend to the procurement of fasteners timeously, to ensure that these products are correctly specified, ordered and produced in the appropriate quality material – and according to the required manufacturing processes – to ensure a smooth, yet precise delivery process and ultimately satisfactory performance,” Giltrow says.

Perfectly ‘fit’ for purpose

As fasteners are available in a vast range of specifications, important factors to consider for best performance include the types and configurations – such as dimensions, material, size, thread specifications, strength, clamping force, diameter, finishes securing and tightening methods, torque value and tightening methods, among others.

As a good understanding of all these elements is essential, no order or request is therefore simply taken at face value – but is supported by a dedicated and genuine interest in the fastener application and end-use, taking potential wear conditions, such as corrosion, rust, water moisture and dust ingress into account.

Fastener champions

“Notwithstanding detailed and time-intensive planning and consideration of a ‘bolt list’, the B.E.D. Group – through our strategic team of ‘fastener champions’ of specialist and experienced technicians and sales personnel – takes responsibility to ensure that the correct bolt is used in the correct application,” Giltrow says.  

Supporting the effective use of fasteners in such applications, is B.E.D.’s offering of protective insulation, coatings and paint; as well as the recommendation of the most suitable tightening methods and supply of battery-powered hand tools and fastening equipment when and where required.

Giltrow further suggests that, differentiating the B.E.D. Group’s supply of fasteners is their support of local manufacturers: by drawing on local supply, B.E.D.’s customers can be assured of benefits, such as faster supply and delivery at more competitive pricing. 

“South Africa’s local fastener industry has the ability to produce fasteners just as effectively – and to the right quality and specifications – as their international counterparts,” he advocates.

These invested efforts encapsulate B.E.D.’s distinctive ‘100/0’ core ethos of taking 100 percent responsibility, with zero tolerance for excuses, and “tangibly demonstrates the ‘nuts and bolts in our blood’,” Giltrow asserts. 

“By taking passionate pride in our work, the B.E.D. Group can embrace greater opportunities for learning and experiencing more, improve our reputation for value-added service and stay ‘fastened’ to our practice of ensuring optimal customer service,” he concludes.