‘Brush up’ on your metal finishes – and budget – with the Timesavers 22RB rotary brush machine from First Cut

First Cut, the leading provider of cutting, welding and grinding consumables and equipment in South Africa, has recently added the cost-effective and efficient Timesavers 22RB series 600mm-wide rotary brush machine to its portfolio. The 22RB from Dutch deburring and finishing company Timesavers International is the most compact, affordable model in the range. It is ideally suited for deburring, edge rounding, finishing and laser oxide removal of various sheet metal parts. 

General Manager of First Cut’s Machine Division, Anthony Lezar, says: “The 22RB comes with many advantages for the fabrication or sheet metal processor. It is the most compact in the Timesavers range; and as such, is perfect for companies with either limited capacity or those needing to boost their production capacity with a supplementary machine. It is also very cost-effective, and is well-suited to smaller businesses or start-ups with limited budgets.” 

Environmentally speaking, the Timesavers 22RB has the smallest footprint when compared to larger machines. Its four brushes have a total of 12m2 of abrasive material and it is equipped for quick tool changes, with the promise of low tooling and energy costs. 

“For anyone starting out and in need of a reliable edge rounding machine, the 22RB is a great machine to begin with. It provides perfectly rounded edges and finishing within its designated limits – and maintenance is minimal. It is furthermore built on a highly robust framework and full service back-up and parts are available locally through First Cut,” Lezar explains. 

“Everything the customer needs to know or do is easily available on the programming panel; and the software is very user-friendly. First Cut also carries the warranty for the 22RB in South Africa, and can arrange service contracts and call-outs if required,” he adds. 

The 22RB cost-efficiently automates ergonomically-demanding and dirty tasks such as grinding and manual edge milling. As local and international market demand for affordable, consistent and quality grinding, deburring and edge rounding increases – and particularly given the post-economic cost pressures many businesses are still experiencing – the 22 RB series seems to have entered the marketplace at a serendipitous time. 

Lezar continues: “The lifespan of the Timesavers machines has historically been extremely good and we are confident that the same is true of the 22RB. It is great for edge rounding on complete components, covering all sides, corners and gaps. Other rotating brush machines do not always provide the full coverage users need, whereas the 22RB is very agile as far as coverage is concerned.

Additionally, Timesavers has an excellent international and local reputation and track record. It is also well-recognised in the market as a precision brand. Having supplied Timesavers machines to many South African fabrication and metal processing businesses, this is definitely something we at First Cut can attest to.” 

The 22RB uses a Siemens PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and HMI (Human Machine Interface). This allows processes and parameters to be adjusted automatically. The 22 RB is also unique in that is suitable for use by ‘cobots’ (Collaborative Robots) and integration into other software platforms for more seamless workflow. 

“We are very excited about launching this product into the market. It is an all-in-one edge rounding, deburring and surface finishing machine that is set to become the ‘go-to’ solution for users looking for a compact finishing solution which is effective, as well as budget-conscious and user-friendly!”