Dekra Institute of Learning’s offering further strengthened by Independent Examinations Board (IEB) membership

The Dekra Institute of Learning (IOL) is proud to announce another ground-breaking achievement in its safety training and development journey, as the Institute is now a member of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). Christopher Mörsner, Head of Training and Consulting at Dekra IOL, says this further strengthens their offering of quality assessment options and training for adult learners.

The IEB’s vision is to advance quality teaching and learning in South Africa through a reputable assessment process. Additionally, the organisation aims to contribute to human resource development through its wide range of assessment services for all sectors. This includes offerings within the arena of adult education and training, as well as foundational learning at the school level.

Mörsner explains: “The Dekra Institute of Learning (IOL) supports growth and development, through learning at various occupational levels; while the IEB promotes quality education and assessment tools for every South African as a fundamental right, through which cultural diversity is also embraced. The alignment between the two organisations in support of education, training and development is therefore very clear.

In line with our own passion for high-quality training and accessible service delivery and consulting, we are proud to be a new IEB member. This allows us to offer additional services, strengthening our vision of offering excellent assessment options, training and venues nationwide.”

As a division of Dekra Industrial South Africa, Dekra IOL provides quality solutions through training, development and consulting which speak to many of the human rights that form part of the South African Constitution.

Mörsner notes: “Dekra IOL’s offerings reflect the right to safety and education: including the provision of a safer working environment, flexible online and distance learning opportunities, accessible assessment and examination venues, learnerships and bursary opportunities, and placement services which provide its learners with the necessary experience to ensure they are workplace-ready.” 

“As part of the IEB, Dekra IOL’s training options have expanded even further,” he clarifies. “For example, reading, writing and foundational mathematical understanding empower learners to function optimally in the workplace. The focus of this offering is the development of reading, writing and foundational mathematical components – allowing learners to engage meaningfully within the workplace – as well as enabling them to engage in further learning with confidence and dignity.

Furthermore, Dekra IOL is now able to offer assessment services focused on adult learning, through our collaboration with the IEB.”

Mörsner adds that Dekra IOL is extremely excited to leverage its membership of the IEB by offering these additional services under the Dekra IOL banner. 

“The Dekra Institute of Learning (IOL) is proud to be a new member of the IEB – our membership allows us to strengthen our training and assessment offering and make a lasting difference to learners in the workplace who require reading, writing and foundational mathematical components training nationwide,” he concludes.