Dekra IOL exhibits at A-OSH Expo 2023 with an environmental theme and announces new QCTO accreditations

Dekra Institute of Learning (Dekra IOL) has announced additional courses in its educational programme that the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) has recently accredited – and which were among its skills programmes and industry-related full qualifications showcased at the A-OSH Expo 2023 in Johannesburg.

As a QCTO-accredited educational institution, Dekra IOL trains employees and professionals across many sectors from power generation, oil and gas, construction, petrochemical, manufacturing, fabrication, pulp and paper, rail, mining, steel industry and foundries, within South Africa and pan-Africa. The Institute has 98 years of experience via its global parent company, Dekra Industrial – a leader in inspection services, non-destructive testing (NDT), material testing, laboratory services, advanced NDT, and asset integrity services.

A-OSH expo presence

The Institute’s portfolio of offerings features QCTO-accredited skills programmes and industry-related full qualifications, says the IOL’s Head of Training and Consulting, Christopher Mörsner.

“We were delighted to highlight our wide range of certificate, diploma, and degree qualifications at the A-OSH expo this year, providing the industry with a high-quality selection of skills programmes and industry-related full qualifications and occupational education. We deliver online learning to both the public and private sector, with training pitched to all levels of competency, focusing on HSE (Health Safety and Environment), ISO (International Standards Organisation) and CPD (Continuing Professional Development)-aligned qualifications – from the factory floor to the board room,” Mörsner says.    

He points out that Dekra IOL’s presence at A-OSH is strategically important: “This provides the opportunity for us to engage with a large number of visitors and delegates: from entry-level learners to leading corporate human resource managers – all wanting to be a part of Africa’s foremost occupational health and safety trade show. From a market exposure and brand awareness perspective, this is accordingly worth the effort and investment of time and resources.”                           

Expanding roots for a brighter future

Mörsner explains how in line with its parent company Dekra’s 98 years in the industry and membership of EcoVadis – the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings – growing people through skills and occupational training and development and being a good steward of the environment is a priority for the IOL.

Focusing on this vision, the IOL’s exhibition stand featured 20 beautiful trees as part of the display, reflecting the theme and tagline of the stand: ‘Expanding our roots for a brighter future’.

“We celebrated life, knowledge and the environment with special educational and environmental giveaways at our stand during the exhibition. Visitors placed their names and details in a raffle: standing the chance to win a lucky draw for several high-quality QCTO-accredited NQF 1 – 5 skills qualifications every day,” Mörsner says.

“We will also give away packets of tree seeds to visitors for planting in their gardens or communities, to improve the environment for future generations. This is a practical illustration of what we as Dekra IOL stand for: our roots deeply grounded and expanding in the Southern African region, where we provide a variety of skills programmes and industry-related full qualifications, for career enhancement and employment opportunities.”

Mörsner further draws on the analogy of a planted tree that provides oxygen, enhanced air quality, shade, nutrition, and protection to its immediate ecosystem and beyond. As such, he compares this to the vision Dekra IOL has of being both a ‘tree of knowledge’ and a ‘tree of life’, serving all industries across the region.  This reflects the IOL’s 2028 vision to offer all forms of training and skills development, and to making a sustainable difference in reducing unemployment.

A partner for safety, skills and education

He explains that Dekra IOL provided expo visitors with information on its range of educational skills training programmes, including occupational health and safety and quality assurance-related courses; as well as details about the other skills programmes and full qualifications which have been accredited by the QCTO.                                   

“At Dekra IOL we are the industry’s partner for safety, skills and education: from the office to the shopfloor and more. We focus on developing employees across all levels in an organisation, right from their first day with the IOL, when we plant the seed and passion for learning, thereby motivating people to grow their careers and blossom to their full potential,” Mörsner says.                                                                    

“By offering skills programmes such as short NQF 1 to 4 courses right through to NQF 5 to 8 full qualifications, we ensure that all employees have the opportunity to obtain accredited education at their level – and then to be nurtured further to continue their education and professional development,” he explains.     

Additional QCTO-accredited qualifications

Among the additional courses that are QCTO-accredited – taking the total number of courses offered by Dekra IOL to 60 – are several higher-level qualifications. These include internal Audit Manager (Internal Audit Quality Assurer, NQF 8), Internal Audit Manager 2 (NQF 8), Internal Auditor (NQF 7) and Learning and Development Advisor (NQF 7).

“Obtaining these additional accreditations allows us to extend our range of qualifications to our existing industrial clients and their employees; while also reaching out to other businesses in the pan-African region We are ready to register learners at all levels, who are seeking to obtain a QCTO accredited qualification,” Mörsner adds.

A season to plant

“Visitors to our Dekra IOL stand were not only eligible to win a unique and valuable educational prize – but also encouraged to plant and grow their own seeds in more than one way: literally, and by enhancing their careers when they discover the wide range of accredited skills programmes and full qualifications we offer,” he says.

“We gave away packets of seeds to delegates, to plant in their gardens or communities, contributing to the environment of the future, as a practical illustration of what we at Dekra IOL do: grow and nurture our students’ professional development, and guide companies to develop people’s careers,” he explains.

“Once the seed of education is nurtured, takes root, and grows into a tree, it provides shade and nourishment for many, propagating economic growth, and even accelerating it as it continues to bear seeds for future generations. Education is the key to confronting and reducing poverty and unemployment, and we at the Dekra Institute of Learning are committed to working with individual learners and with industry, offering the skills and education which will ultimately have a positive impact on the economy and society as a whole,” he concludes.