When one is striving to stay on the cutting-edge in a fabrication or manufacturing environment, getting the balance right between high-performance equipment, consumables and the accompanying technical support is crucial.

Taiwan-based capital equipment supplier Everising has been producing mid-to-large size band saws and circular saws since 1982. Their commitment to research, development and innovation has yielded a range of machines tried and trusted by some of the top manufacturing, steel fabrication, and processing facilities in South Africa and throughout the world.

The company’s long-term collaboration with South African representative First Cut, has enabled local customers to successfully streamline their production equipment and processes, by providing quality equipment, superior technical support and reliable aftersales service.

The new E-430 delivers on the crucial customer requirements of speed, economy and accuracy.

“This has resulted in a large installed base of some 1 500 band saw machines at First Cut’s customers –  many of whom have purchased several machines from us over the past 17 years,” says Anthony Lezar, General Manager of the Machine Division at First Cut.

For 64 years, First Cut has been at the forefront of industry in South Africa. As a company which has stood the test of time, through cyclical global economic challenges and decades of growth, they have consistently delivered the expert advice, excellent consumables, capital equipment and service which discerning customers have come to expect.

“Our long-established relationship with Everising has grown from strength to strength over the years. What makes our partnership work is the shared value of letting the customer lead the way. We continuously strive to anticipate customers’ requirements to provide timeous and effective solutions,” explains Lezar.

Recent upgrades to the popular P-series circular saw and E-series bandsaw ranges are prime examples of Everising and First Cut’s shared commitment to customer-centric solutions. These incremental innovations to both ranges have facilitated improved data transfer in terms of speed and volume, enabling customers to reduce production costs by speeding up cutting times.

“In any manufacturing environment, the bandsaw is the production manager’s best friend. Fully-automated band saws can have a very significant effect on the productivity of fabrication businesses or steel merchants, for example,” explains Francois Marais, Sales Manager at First Cut.

Speaking to the recent Everising product upgrades, Marais advises that the well-known P-series has a user-friendly touchscreen, with easy-to-follow graphics and cutting parameters are clearly displayed on the touchscreen controller. A bonus for operators is the self-diagnostic function which allows for immediate on-screen troubleshooting.

“In terms of its elegant simplicity, the P-series requires only one operator to set up and load the machine. With its versatility, a P-series sawing machine could replace several other types of circular saws, which not only ramps up productivity, but  saves on manufacturing facility footprint and production space – and the associated costs,” Marais remarks.

Everising always has the requirements of its customers in mind when embarking on research and development initiatives. The P-100C product refinement process, for example, was based on careful consideration of customer feedback. As a result, its new inner brake transmission system delivers enhanced cutting performance; while simultaneously preserving and extending the longevity of the blade.

The P-100C with its new inner brake transmission system delivers enhanced cutting performance.

As with the P-series, Everising’s E-series band saws are CNC-controlled and also feature advanced touchscreen control. E-series band saws are equipped with high-efficiency gearboxes lubricated by a controlled oil-feed system, to ensure extended machine life. An inverter regulates the variable speed of the blade, which is tensioned hydraulically. An idler wheel motion detector serves to detect blade stalls, thereby preventing blade damage.

“The new E-430 delivers on the crucial customer requirements of speed, economy and accuracy. Importantly, it performs in terms of sustainability by creating less material waste and using less power.

The robust electronics on the E-series ensure that downtime is minimised; while an anti-vibration roller serves to protect the blade, which is cleaned by two automatically adjusting wire brushes. An advanced quick approach device and an automatic tracking blade guide protect the machine against accidental damage,” Marais points out.

“First Cut is proud to be associated with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Everising’s calibre, which produces well-designed, high-quality, robust machinery. Through our long association with Everising, we have developed our capacity to provide our local customers with technical insight and support when they need it most. If our customers have a challenge, they can rest assured that it will be dealt with promptly and professionally. That kind of confidence means our customers recognise this for what it is: a powerful partnership and synergy to provide the best products, technical support and service possible,” Lezar concludes.