Living the safety culture – Dekra Industrial achieves its 8th consecutive NOSCAR Award with highest-ever score

Showcasing its ongoing commitment to safety, which runs like a ‘golden thread’ throughout the company, Dekra Industrial SA is pleased to announce the achievement of its 8th annual NOSCAR safety award – the highest safety honour which can be bestowed on a business by the National Occupational Safety Association (NOSA).

Ingrained safety culture   

As part of its global parent company, Dekra Industrial in South Africa has played a major role in the fields of NDT and inspection locally – across a wide range of industry sectors – for many years.

Dekra Industrial’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager, Carina Kleinhans, explains: “This award highlights our ingrained ethos of ‘living the safety culture’ across our company, country, and around the clock. The recent NOSA ranking furthermore reflects our highest ever score of 97.48 percent – as compared to our original 2013 score of 92.28 percent.”

Kleinhans adds that Dekra Industrial is a company that is committed to safety from management level through to each team member throughout its nationwide branches. “Every Dekra Industrial employee and contractor is encouraged to keep identifying areas for improvement and risk mitigation and management within the workplace. You could say that every branch and department is interlinked by our safety mindset; while our management team members operate a true open-door policy to hear and attend to any areas of concern,” she notes.

On top of safety requirements

Categories that are audited annually by NOSA include: leadership and worker participation; planning, support and operational; performance evaluation; improvement; safety; health; environmental; risk management; systems; compliance and effectiveness.

“In addition,” clarifies Kleinhans, “legislative requirements can change from time to time, and we are required to remain abreast of this also. A good example is how 2020 brought in new additional reporting factors relating to Covid. Dekra Industrial complied with all new requirements, while not only maintaining but in fact improving our NOSA ranking with an even higher score.”

Dekra Industrial Managing Director Johan Gerber adds: “These audited NOSA results are very pleasing, and we are extremely proud to have improved upon our results – from an already-high benchmark – in line with our desire to be true ‘the heroes of safety’. I congratulate Carina and the entire HSE team – as well as each and individual employee throughout the company.”

“In addition to improving our NOSA score on an annual basis, it is also extremely heart-warming to note that, whenever we leave a site, we are always able to say  – with pride – that we worked there safely. In doing so, we are really living our culture of being ‘on the safe side’ and going the extra safety mile,”  concludes Kleinhans.