Market alert: For genuinely cool performance avoid ‘hot’ fake connectors!

Despite the demand for genuine, original equipment-manufactured (OEM) products and parts, the supply influx of imitation products is often inevitable. However, a disturbing inflow of imitation, inferior products – under the guise of a false Anderson Power Products trademark – are posing significant safety and operational performance threats to uninformed buyers.

“Anderson Power Products (APP) electrical connectors, solely distributed by Alexander and Poole in South Africa, have a sound reputation for being of the highest electrical quality, and are renowned to achieve peak levels of reliable and durable performance,” advises Juanita Fisher-Hill, National Sales Manager for Alexander and Poole, and responsible for the sale and distribution of APP products in South Africa. 

She highlights that, as the electric connectors and allied products sustain critical operational systems and power-essential machinery across industry – from local manufacturing, materials handling, the 4 x 4 and greater automotive sectors, information technology (including UPS and backup power), data communications, solar and alternative energy sectors, to mining, the medical and the aerospace sectors – the application of authentic articles is non-negotiable.

“Therefore, customers should rather trust in APP’s ‘real deal’ connectors which are appropriately quality- and safety-certified and contain a lifetime guarantee. The authenticity criteria are as follows: these are connectors which have the genuine Anderson trademark; silver-coated copper lugs; the correct colour and UL (Underwriter Laboratories)-safety certified plastic housings,” Fisher-Hill points out.

“We appeal to customers to apply the recommended authenticity criteria checklist (as listed above) to determine if they are purchasing genuine APP products. They can also contact us for more information on appropriate system set-ups with the correct connector checks, paired with sound technical advice.

Customers should also be on high alert – and more aware in general – of imitation products. Seemingly identical with authentic Anderson connectors, these uncertified, ‘knock-off’ products are supplied with a replicated (although incorrect) colour and trademark stamp, tin lugs, and lower quality, recycled and unpolished plastic housings, with thinner bodies prone to cracking and unable to withstand heat and high voltages. These connectors also have inadequate connects and disconnects, as the electrons do not flow freely through the circuit as the housing material moves apart, resulting in irregular and inconsistent – or even none-existent mating cycles,” she explains. 

Potentially disastrous consequences of using these ‘knock-off’ imitation products include erratic voltage flow – causing battery bay damage – reduced battery life for example, and poor performance. In turn, exacerbated operational and financial costs could be incurred as a result, Fisher-Hill warns.

“Equipment may not fail the first time an event occurs, but failure will occur over time, owing to excessive stress from repeated voltage events. When the voltage falls outside the equipment design specifications, the equipment has to work harder and run hotter, while insulation may have to withstand extreme voltage levels. 

Conversely, the ‘cool’ advantages of owning and  using genuine APP OEM connectors will result in cost-effective and reliable durability – for many years,” Fisher-Hill concludes.