Power ‘Mine’: Anderson Power Products solutions unearth wealth of durability, powerful performance for customers

In sustaining and stimulating local economic growth, the South African mining sector relies on critical operational systems and power-essential machinery to unearth the country’s mineral wealth.

These indispensable mining systems and machinery require premium-quality, yet cost-competitive electric connectors and allied products for high-power interconnect solutions to ensure sustainable operational performance.

Mindful of these particular mining sector requirements, Alexander and Poole – as the long-standing sole African distributor of Anderson Power Products’ (APP’s) innovative and quality electrical connectors – has a ‘mine’ of the best products and technical expertise to offer connector solutions designed with tough mining conditions in mind.

“Being APP’s designated supplier of choice, Alexander and Poole continues to offer a complete line of battery-related products – enabling us to become the preferred supplier for battery connectors locally – and to be synonymous with safety and quality throughout the mining sector,” says Alexander and Poole’s Managing Director Andrew Poole.

With a history spanning from 1877 and as an international ISO9001:2015 certified leader in the design and manufacture of high power interconnect solutions for rapid prototyping, APP offers an encompassing product portfolio of UL (Underwriter Laboratories)-approved connector solutions.

Durable and safe

Juanita Fisher-Hill, National Sales Manager for Alexander and Poole, and responsible for the sale and distribution of APP products in South Africa, highlights that these solutions “are renowned to not only achieve the highest levels of durability – but live up to their reputation of trustworthiness, safety, quality and performance excellence.”

APP connector systems are available from 5 and 10 A to 700 A maximum ratings – for use from 150 V to 600 V continuous, Alternative Current (AC)/Direct Current (DC) operation – and offer various contact options to ensure secure connections. These include flat-wiping, pin and socket, hot pluggable, make-first / break-last, and mixed power and signal for bus bar, Printed Circuit Board (PCB), and panel and cable mounting applications.

“In particular, all APP plastic and hardware components are manufactured in high heat- resistant material. Chemical-resistant housing options can extend the temperature range, while offering enhanced UV, impact and chemical resistance to withstand damage from rough treatment and adverse industrial environments and ensure years of enhanced reliability,” she adds.

Testament to APP’s strategic approach to safety is the connectors’ compliance to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive of 2002/95/E, very importantly aligns with the mining sector’s imperative of ensuring safe operations to ensure zero harm, Fisher-Hill states.

Supported by stringent safety, quality and a lifetime guarantee, APP’s products can be successfully applied in a broad range of mining applications.

“These applications include – but are not limited to – surface and underground proximity detection systems, missing persons locator systems, systems for front-driven, remote battery and diesel locomotives, energy efficient charging systems, digital information management and communication systems, plug-in gulley box systems, electrical switchgear and related products, motor control centres, electric starters and more,” Fisher-Hill explains.

Specified at the design phase

Demonstrating APP’s current success in the mining sector is the uptake of its two-pole, colour-coded SB connectors, ranging in size from 50 AMP to 350 AMP, to the extent that a Free State-based supplier’s design of a 10-ton, 900 CT locomotive controller has been specified to be manufactured with the SANS 1809:2003 specified Anderson 50 A SB connector.

“This outcome underlines the potential of APP connector solutions being included right at the outset. Design engineers can factor in and specify the use of APP connectors at the design phase when creating and developing power connection systems,” Poole points out.

Notwithstanding the suitability of the SB connectors, Poole is confident about the favourable reception of the APP SBE connector, a two-pole that offers upper and lower auxiliaries, the SBX connector range and the DIN 43589-1-style Euro two-way battery connectors.

Further enhancing this innovative product portfolio is APP’s approach and commitment to flexible solutions, as Fisher-Hill explains: “APP is well known for its ability to develop creative solutions for the customers’ power interconnect requirements – and will make modifications to standard products or develop complete custom-engineered interconnect solutions to satisfy all types of power distribution needs.”

Locally available and accessible

Underpinning customer service excellence is Alexander and Poole’s local, easily accessible footprint, stock availability, timeous and exceptional service delivery, paired with exceptional technical and service support.

“Based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, we can meet customers at ‘the coalface’ by easily and swiftly sourcing and supplying the most effective, premium-quality, yet cost-competitive connector solutions to mining sites right across Southern Africa and Africa when required,” Fisher-Hill reiterates.

Educating industry

With consumer awareness and comprehensive APP products education an ongoing objective, Fisher Hill is spending considerable time with industry role players, including design engineers, to educate them about the advantages of the latest, authentic connector technology.

“By educating the market on small price, quality and service differences associated with our authentic products, providing comprehensive consultations and expanding distribution through new delivery routes, we can not only increase APP and Alexander and Poole’s mutual growth and footprint – but enable industry to ‘connect with the best’ and unearth a wealth of durability and powerful performance for years to come,” Poole concludes.