How Capisol Software’s cloud-native platform can put your business’s cash flow a ‘click above the rest’

Since its inception, thinking outside the box in order to solve the cash flow challenges faced daily by accountants, FDs and CFOs has been at the very core of Capisol Software’s innovative business model. This is according to Christopher de Zeeuw, founding…

partner and Managing Director of Capisol Software, the leading and trusted local provider of an integrated, cloud-native, document management platform for businesses in a wide range of industries.

“In fact, the very existence of Capisol Software stemmed from my own frustration with the shortfalls of traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems,” de Zeeuw explains.

As a CA (SA) with 16 years’ extensive experience in finance and commerce, de Zeeuw was involved in four major ERP implementations during the course of his career, and soon realised that these systems fell short on their delivery and ability to effectively resolve customer queries and collect outstanding monies. This motivated him to embark on the mission of establishing and building Capisol Software into what it is today, together with his partner and Technical Director Jacques Correia, a highly respected IT stalwart with many years of software and business process automation development and implementation experience. 

“A major shortfall of traditional ERP systems is that they were primarily written in the nineties and early 2000s.  In order to adapt to the rapid changes (such as in email and the Internet) that took place over the last two decades, many of these systems required a major rewrite which most companies could not afford to do.  As a result, companies contracted consultants to alter their ERP systems based on their specific needs,” de Zeeuw observes. 

“However, these individually tailored systems required continual updating, which resulted in a heavy and ongoing dependence on consultants.  This trend – which has led to complicated, inefficient systems – is still causing major headaches to many businesses today.  One of the greatest concerns is generating and distributing SARS, POPI, and ECT Act-compliant invoices, purchase orders, and linked supporting documents,” he continues, remarking that it is therefore no wonder that 25-30% of accountants’ time is taken up searching for documents.

“Unfortunately, many businesses continue operating in this state, not always aware that the root cause of their cash flow issues and high days outstanding from debtors are a result of inefficient and non-compliant invoicing practices: which is, after all, the key mechanism via which cash flow is generated,” he adds.

With this challenge as an inherent motivation, Capisol has developed a ground-breaking and completely cloud-native platform which fully automates a vast range of business processes through its integrated offering, comprised of the modules Capiscan, Capilink, Capidoc, Capiconnect, and Capisign.  By having invoices and supporting documents available with a single click, time is freed up so that clients can enjoy improved cash flow, while focusing on their core operations.

In order to fully understand the benefits offered by Capisol, financial decision-makers need to be acquainted with the difference between an on-premise system that is merely hosted in the cloud, and a fully integrated cloud-native platform.

“Although many systems may be perceived as being ‘in the cloud’, they are simply cloud- hosted: which means that a third party hosts the company’s applications on dedicated, on-premise servers. 

In contrast, being fully cloud-native means that the platform is built from the ground up specifically to leverage the cloud. This results in a system that is always on, always available, easily scalable, robust enough to suit an extremely broad range of businesses and able to respond with agility to technology developments,” de Zeeuw explains. 

“Perhaps one of the most important benefits, however, is that customers can benefit from economies of scale through the Software as a Service (SaaS) ‘pay-as-you-use’ business model. This means that the entire base of clients contributes towards the cost of the system – thereby enabling companies to have affordable access to cutting-edge technology and security at their fingertips, for a fraction of the price,” he explains.

As the first to develop such a world-class, cloud-native business process automation platform in South Africa, Capisol is proudly and completely local. While the company is also pleased to have  international clients in its portfolio, being ‘proudly local’ also means it is able to understand and respond to local business requirements; as well as to provide excellent and quick customer support.

The proof of the innovative and game-changing benefits of the Capisol Software platform lies in the satisfaction of its rapidly growing client base which as mentioned includes a wide range of local and multi-national companies in diverse sectors.

“We are extremely proud to be a trusted digital partner for clients like Adapt IT, Adcock Ingram, C-track, Altron, RCL and Bidvest Waltons to name a few. This is why we go to great lengths to deliver on our company promise of ‘always efficient and consistently reliable’.  In a nutshell, our clients’ success is our success – and we will continue to assist them in improving their cash flow and to position them ‘a click above the rest’,” concludes de Zeeuw