Rand-Air’s TwinPower generator hire to Diva Nutritional Products: a doubly powerful solution!

Rand-Air’s long-term rentals give customers peace of mind, by providing a turnkey solution which keeps costs predictable and downtime minimal. Featuring only the best products and round-the-clock service, many companies prefer this rental option instead of taking on the cost and responsibility of capital equipment ownership themselves.

Cindy Ross, Rand-Air Area Manager for the Western & Northern Cape shares some insights into a recent Industrial Plant Rental (IPR) hire of the company’s popular TwinPower generator:

“Diva Nutritional Products, a supplier of therapeutic nutrition for malnourished and immune-compromised individuals, has been serving global and local markets for over 27 years. In October 2019 they were referred to us by an existing long-term rental customer, familiar with the benefits of our long-term rental offering.

Word-of-mouth referrals such as these are a very dynamic testament to the quality of our products, as well as a demonstration that our commitment to service excellence is both recognised and appreciated,” Ross advises.

She adds that a common concern among customers when deciding between outright purchase of equipment – or the long-term rental thereof – is cost. However, when comparing the real costs associated with acquisition, maintenance, downtime and other ancillary expenses, long-term rentals provide significant savings.

Prior to contacting Rand-Air, Diva’s maintenance manager did a substantial amount of research on actual costs at the suggestion of an existing Rand-Air customer.

“When a prospective customer knows the benefits of the long-term rental offering as well as the sales representative does, concluding the agreement is swift and effortless,” Ross observes.

The customer was initially looking at a 1000kVA generator, but ultimately opted for the TwinPower, which houses 2 x 500kVA generators in one unit.

“The benefit of the split approach is that capacity can be adapted to suit the customer’s needs. If demand is low, and they do not need to run the whole plant, one generator can be used. If the plant requires additional power on start-up, or if they need to top up power thereafter, they can run the second generator. This approach yields a significant saving in fuel consumption – and provides a flexible power solution, tailored to the customer’s requirements,” she explains.

Fundamental to Rand-Air is the ethos of ultimate customer convenience. To this end, Rand-Air offers Atlas Copco TwinPower generators, the benefit of this arrangement being that there are two 500 kVA generators in each container.

This containerised generator solution gives a very compact footprint, unrivalled versatility, optimised performance and excellent fuel economy. In addition, the two modules inside the container can be synchronised, so that it is possible to supply either 1000 kVA or 500 kVA – a versatile and portable cost- and fuel-saving option for the customer.

“The TwinPower generator is a good fit for Diva, because it provides a solution which can easily be adapted, based on the customer’s power requirements and production peaks,” comments Ross, noting that many customers prefer to have one self-contained unit on site, as opposed to two individual 500 kVA generators in sync.

“This is because the footprint of the container is smaller than two individual 500 kVA generators; and having the generators in containers protects them against extreme weather conditions.

Security of power supply post-lockdown and during the phased re-opening of manufacturing going forward is a real concern for our customers. We are confident that the TwinPower will give Diva peace of mind and a ready source of power when they need it,” she adds.

Rand-Air’s turnkey solution furthermore relieves its long-term rental customers of the concern about finding suitable temporary power. The units are delivered to site and Rand-Air technicians make sure they are working to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

Rand-Air is aware of the critical nature of supplying the right size and the correct level of service backup too, which is available 24/7/365. In fact, the company has its own in-house Safety Health Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Manager, who ensures that SHEQ compliance meets all required standards.

“In an emergency, where a customer might need replacement power generation immediately, Rand-Air is able to respond very promptly to customer emergencies. We will either supply from our own fleet; or, if that is not possible, we are able to source temporary air or power from other highly reliable sources at short notice.

Rand-Air’s TwinPower containerised generators will give our customers – particularly those in remote locations – the peace of mind and convenience of having reliable, versatile temporary power just a phone call away,” Ross concludes.