Starrett and First Cut: A ‘cutting-edge’ collaboration – Bringing SA industry the sharpest technology for over four decades

Leading distributor of cutting consumables and capital equipment, South African company First Cut, has enjoyed a relationship spanning over four decades with Starrett, a renowned global manufacturer of industrial blades and metrology equipment. This cutting-edge collaboration and synergy is based on many areas of commonality – with the outstanding features being a mutual focus on delivering the very highest quality in all areas of manufacturing, product and customer service.

“Our long-standing relationship with Starrett is built on our mutual dedication to produce and distribute only the finest quality cutting and measuring blades and tools, to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction,” comments First Cut’s Director responsible for the consumables division, Gary Willis.  

“Starrett’s precision product ranges are renowned for their accuracy and performance – meeting national and international standards – which resonates perfectly with First Cut’s focus on quality in all that we do and offer – and with the rigorous selection of partners with whom we choose to collaborate,” Willis explains.

As Starrett’s long-standing South African representative and distributor, First Cut offers a selection of tools which are manufactured to optimum standards and workmanship by Starrett in Brazil. This vast range of premium products includes precision tools, force measurement and material testing, saws and hand tools.

In respect of blades, Starrett manufactures saw blades, among other products. These range from very large band saw blades to conventional DIY hacksaw blades.

All are produced from the finest materials, and in compliance with the strictest European and other international safety and quality standards. 

“Starrett’s innovative approach and diversified cutting technology portfolio has a place in a variety of industries, including being particularly indispensable in the metalworking and meat sectors – where its precision-ground stainless steel band saw blades are manufactured flawlessly, to cut with thin kerf precision. 

Additionally, demand for their products includes sectors such as electronics, aerospace, general manufacturing, as well as within the energy sector,” Willis adds. 

With ongoing research and development, Starrett has also developed a comprehensive range of bi-metal band saw blades that – without the expense of carbide-tips – are the best solution for cutting various ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Designed for heavy-duty cutting applications, the Primalloy saw provides greater operating life and better heat and wear resistance through alloying cobalt and vanadium, while the Intenss (Powerband M42) has a high-speed steel cutting edge welded to a fatigue-resistant alloy steel backing. The blades are resistant to heat, abrasion and shock, for faster cutting speeds of a wide range of materials. Furthermore, the bi-metal band saw blades are cost-effective, and suit all cutting requirements for any model of machine.

Willis furthermore points out that the Brazil facility has served as a catalyst for the significant growth in Starrett’s blading and measuring equipment offerings – due to their investment in improved manufacturing capabilities; and also expanding on, and strengthening their range of conventional cutting and measuring equipment.  

Leveraging their strong, decades-long relationship with First Cut, the company has developed a solid market presence in South Africa. 

He comments that along with Brazil, Starrett sees South Africa as one of its largest international growth prospects, pointing out that that continued customer loyalty locally has been gratifying.  

“Today, South African support for Starrett is stronger than ever, which is a great endorsement to First Cut too. As their long-standing local partner, we know it is important to buy into the Starrett operational ethos; and to ensure that we mirror this in our own operation. We have been complimented as really standing out as one of Starrett’s incountry partners with real synergy and buyin,” Willis remarks.

He adds: “This demand for Starrett products is therefore as a result not only of a shared operational ethos; but as a direct result of First Cut’s quality of service, strong customer focus and excellent reputation within the local market. 

Our South African customers know what to expect from us, as both parties meet stringent standards in all areas of production and the customer-interface. It is the premium end of the market that we deliver into, as our product durability and quality offer a longer life – which ultimately makes them a far more cost-effective choice over cheaper products on the market.”   

Starrett’s sound reputation and strong representation by South Africa’s foremost leader in cutting technology, First Cut, will ensure that together, they continue to cut a swathe through any opposition and remain at the edge of technological advancement within the sector.

“We look forward to what the future in the industry has in store, as we are confident that our strong relationship, coupled with our mutual technical expertise and experience, will continue to be an example of a partnership that really ‘cuts it’ when it comes to the sharpest products and customer service in the industry!” Willis concludes.