Steel Strong: B.E.D. Klerksdorp and Consulmet Construction: building on a firm foundation of reliable supply and customer service

In the bustling heart of the North West province town of Klerksdorp, a partnership of innovation and reliability has flourished between Bolt and Engineering Distributors (B.E.D.) and Consulmet Construction, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in cutting and welding solutions.

Consulmet Construction, a leading name in the steel fabrication sector, has entrusted B.E.D. Klerksdorp with their cutting and welding equipment requirements, opting for their expertise and quality solutions, over those of other potential vendors.

The natural choice

Ian Lloyd, Operations Manager at B.E.D. Klerksdorp sheds light on the customer’s choice: “Our partnership with Consulmet Construction has flourished as the company has grown. We initially introduced Consulmet Construction’s Managing Director Martin Rautenbach to the latest GYS CO2/MIG/MAG welding machines two years ago, and the company made its first purchase shortly thereafter. With our local presence in Klerksdorp, Martin gained confidence in our ability to provide timeous supply and exceptional customer service – as well as the all-important after-sales support.”

Dwayne Kriek, Procurement Manager at Consulmet Construction agrees: “As a steel fabrication company, optimising productivity while minimising downtime is crucial for our sustained profitability. The GYS welding range has proven to be instrumental in mitigating machine breakdowns, thereby enhancing our production efficiency and profitability. The robustness and reliability of these products justifies the investment. Efficiency ensures productivity, and with GYS machines, we achieve this consistently!”

However, the relationship between the two companies is more than merely transactional: it is about trust and understanding. Sean Christian, B.E.D. Welding & Cutting Specialist, emphasises the significance of this bond: “People buy from people. Consulmet Construction’s production line operates under extreme pressure, demanding high levels of efficiency and reliability. Our close relationship with this valued customer – coupled with the superior speed and quality of our welding equipment, made B.E.D. the natural choice for Consulmet Construction.”

Consulmet Construction’s specific requirements were meticulously addressed by B.E.D. Klerksdorp, taking factors such as reliability, performance, and sector-specific suitability into account. Lloyd explains: “We tailor our solutions based on the applications and desired outcomes of our customers. Our range of equipment, including the MAGYS 400, PROMIG 400, and GYSMI 200 inverters and Hypertherm XPR 170 plasma cutting unit, offer unparalleled reliability and performance – which are all ideal for Consulmet Construction’s steel fabrication requirements.”

B.E.D. Klerksdorp recommended this equipment to Consulmet Construction based on a thorough assessment of their particular requirements, challenges and operational environment.

“Understanding fabricators’ applications and objectives was paramount. With a focus on steel fabrication, the welding equipment and consumables we supplied needed to be versatile enough to handle a variety of metal materials and thicknesses commonly encountered in the company’s projects,” Lloyd advises.

He adds that durability and reliability were essential criteria, especially considering the demanding nature of the construction industry, with its tight deadlines and focus on minimising downtime as far as possible.

“We recognised that this customer could certainly not afford lengthy interruptions to their workflow due to equipment failures,” he points out.

For all skills levels

User-friendliness and accessibility of the equipment, to cater to varying degrees of welding skill, also played a significant role in the product recommendation and selection process.

“As such, we understood that simplicity and ease of operation were crucial, particularly for general welders who might not be as experienced with complex welding machines. The selected equipment offers intuitive welding interfaces with a very easy set-up, reducing the likelihood of confusion and errors during operation.

Considering the challenging working conditions in steel construction – including dust and unreliable, erratic power supply due to load shedding – B.E.D. Klerksdorp prioritised welding machines with robust features, recommending transformer-based equipment with built-in surge protection to withstand fluctuations in power supply without risking damage.

This advanced technology incorporates features such as microprocessors, semi-synergic operation and dynamic arc control, all of which provide precise and efficient welding performance. The machines’ ability to adjust settings automatically based on material thickness, coupled with user-friendly interfaces, enhances productivity and minimises setup time.

B.E.D. Klerksdorp’s consistent after-sales support and service have been instrumental in Consulmet Construction’s operational efficiency and market competitiveness. Lloyd affirms: “Our local support in Klerksdorp ensures a smooth, downtime-free production process which, in turn, means that Consulmet Construction’s products meet international standards, which is essential for the export market. We conduct regular customer status visits, training sessions, and on-hand after-sales support and assistance to keep production running smoothly.”

Furthermore, the partnership between B.E.D. Klerksdorp and Consulmet Construction is also not just about meeting expectations – it is about exceeding them. Sean Christian recounts a particular instance where B.E.D. demonstrated exceptional responsiveness: “Welding consumables wastage had become challenging at one point. We were able to effectively address this through the ingenious Hypertherm cartridge system.”

Clever cartridge

The cartridge system is an innovative technology developed by Hypertherm, a leading manufacturer of plasma cutting systems and another of B.E.D.’s quality global suppliers. This system streamlines the process of replacing the 5 stack consumables in plasma cutting torches.

The innovative Hypertherm cartridge system consolidates the multiple consumable parts into a single cartridge, so that when a consumable part needs to be replaced, instead of manually handling and aligning individual components, the entire cartridge is swapped out, reducing downtime and the risk of errors.

This is just one way in which B.E.D. Klerksdorp stays at the forefront of quality and technological advancement, ensuring that their products and solutions assist the customer to overcome their daily operational challenges.

“B.E.D. distinguishes itself through exceptional after-sales service, with a team of knowledgeable professionals who consistently go above and beyond to meet our specific needs.

Their understanding of our requirements as a dynamic steel fabricator, specialising in constructing processing plants, is unparalleled. Time is of the essence in our industry, and B.E.D.’s prompt turnaround time for repairs and product supply – from fasteners to welding equipment consumables and personal protective equipment (PPE) – aligns perfectly with our operational requirements,” Kriek enthuses.

Consulmet Construction’s Managing Director Martin Rautenbach adds: “We form part of the greater Consulmet Group, and B.E.D.’s constant and trustworthy support – together with their supply of new and innovative equipment – keeps us at the forefront of the market. This ensures that we can deliver our processing plants within specific time frames and – even more importantly – in line with the highest quality standards.”

“B.E.D.’s enduring relationship with Consulmet Construction is based on a firm foundation of mutual trust, and is a testament to the power of collaboration, reliability of supply and unwavering dedication to customer service,” Lloyd concludes.